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5 Comments on "White Home Press Convention with Sean Spicer Tuesday February 22, 2017"

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Stephan Marcus

This is the start of Trump's relationship with Mexico?!! Do they think people have the attention span of Dory? Is Trump under the impression that Peña Nieto can just ignore domestic politics? Trump doesn't understand that he's been pissing on Mexico for a year and a half and that the Mexican people simply will not allow their government to be anything but unhelpful? How stupid can one man be?

Boo freddy

trump has been pissing on everbody and wants it to be called a spring shower and it is just amazing that so meany people are out there with there mouth's open looking at a bleak gray sky


Several senior senators sell seashells by the seashore

Adam Gardner
It's weird that anyone would think President Trump is doing something by writing a bunch of poorly worded and executed executive orders. Where is the wall, why isn't Hillary in prison, where is the Muslim ban, why isn't the affordable care act not replaced, why is the swamp still as murky as ever (by his own appointments), why didn't he negotiate drug prices. Many of these are things he said he was going to do on day one and clearly hasn't been able to accomplish. The only substantial thing has he actually accomplished is withdrawing from TPP other than his… Read more »
Miles Teddy

This is just aTrump commercial….nonstop patting themselves on the back despite how abundantly clear it is that they are failing horribly.