Who Works For Money?

Since young, I have been told, "Study hard in school so that you can get a job. When you get a good job, work hard so that you can make a lot of money." Today, I would like to invite you to share your personal opinion, is the statement above true?

I've no questions that working hard is important but I can not agree that working hard alone is not enough. Take a look at the real world that we are in right now.

How come there are billions who slave their lives working all day and some even all night long but they are broke? Some of them even have 3 to 5 jobs per day and they are still close to being broke?

Yet at the same time, there are people who spend time lounging around country clubs and traveling around the world, yet they are incredibly wealthy?

So, let's all agree together that the statement that "you will be rich if only you work hard" is FAKE!

The main reason the rich are able to spend their days playing and relaxing because they know the power of leverage and they use it! They leakage on other people's time, resources and skills. Therefore, when the rich works really really hard, they are doing it only temporarily. However, it's permanent for the poor. The rich knows that "you" have to work hard until your "money" works hard enough to take your place.

The more money works, the less you will have to work.

Source by Jonathan Quek

Don Ma

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