Who’s To Blame?

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“All blame is a waste of time. Regardless of how a lot fault you discover with one other, and no matter how a lot you blame him, it is not going to change you. The one factor blame does is to maintain the main focus off you if you find yourself searching for exterior causes to elucidate your unhappiness or frustration. It’s possible you’ll achieve making one other really feel responsible about one thing by blaming him, however you will not achieve altering no matter it’s about you that’s making you sad.” -Wayne Dyer

Recently I’ve seen a disturbing development.

In an try to remain knowledgeable and up on the present occasions of not solely superstar madness/stints in rehab but additionally (and presumably extra importantly) studying a variety of what is taking place on this planet at this time, I’ve seen there’s not a lot substance on the market. I do know there’s precise ‘information’ taking place. Someplace. However I can not for the lifetime of me, discover it.

And the disturbing development, particularly, is that “information casters” are actually extra “infotainers” and really engaged within the follow referred to as “the blame sport”.

What occurs on the information reveals is that inside seconds of listening to an issue, the newscaster will ask, ‘Inform me one thing, whose fault is it that we’re on this scenario? Who did fallacious right here? We have to work out who guilty so we are able to both give them a token punishment or transfer on to the subsequent subject.’

I assume in our period of 24 hour information on many, many stations, as an alternative of truly reporting what’s taking place, to stretch it out, we have now to listen to the inane blathering of hybrid information casters/speak present hosts/cultural critics/morons. The continuous static of their voices is form of like including bread crumbs to floor beef to make a meat loaf . . . It makes the meat appear extra substantial.

At this level, the information is usually breadcrumbs. And so they’re stale. And the meat could be tainted. And I am a vegetarian anyway.

I am not choosing on anyone station. It is ALL of them (except for the comedy present of Jon Stewart the place extra data is transmitted in twenty-three minutes than in all the opposite stations mixed with their twenty-four hour protection).

And why are we so fast to assign blame? Why do not we attempt to assign options? How can we get ourselves out of the messes we discover ourselves in? How does somebody flip their life round? How can we make our lives higher? Why cannot we take a look at that?

Effectively, there aren’t superb rankings in conquer evil. There are rankings in humiliation. There are rankings in trying to find the unhealthy man and taunting him, however not in really catching the unhealthy man and bringing him to justice. (I am you, Osama.) And whose fault is it that I selected to indicate the silliness of utilizing blame to make issues higher by blaming them for the way in which they use blame.

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