Why I selected NOT to Turn out to be a Navy Physician!

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Dr. Webb thanks for the video and your service. I’m currently conducting research on direct comission to AMEDD as a license social worker with a concentration in medical mental health, I’m finishing up graduate school in May. I would love to know what to expect as an officer overall and the job entails. Such as doing additional stuff outside of the job like combat or other infantry related assignments during deployments or a possible war. Thanks!

Clayton Smith

Hey Dr. Webb im currently in the Army and got my bachelor's degree while active with a 3.1 GPA. I want to practice medicine and apply to get into medical school. But I know my undergraduate gpa needs to be higher to be more competitive. What can i do since i already graduated?

Justin Price

Thanks Dr. Webb. Also, great personal story about your time in the military and school. Beautiful. Those are the stairs that makes and shapes greatness.

Ryan Janae

This is the strangest coincidence! I literally was just researching this exact topic and you happen to make a video on it a day after. Thank you for the insight! Much more detailed than what I found elsewhere.


If you like making the drawing videos, consider a bamboo tablet, you can get one for fairly cheap on Amazon and they have capabilities of videos like KhanAcademy. Great video Dr. Webb.

Braden Minteer

Thank you sincerely for your service.

Timothy Torrez
I believe a lot of points are very valid Dr.webb. A couple things to aid is that while the avg debt is around 200k these loans are in sub and will incur interest during school and residency as most residency salaries are not sufficient enough to pay for living/loan costs. Also, the military most fellowships are civilian sponsored and incur 2x years in pay back. In addition, most competitive specialties and some that are normally not ultra competitive are even more competitive in the military. I strongly suggest anyone considering military fully understand what it means to get put in… Read more »
Mingxin Li

Thank you, Dr. Webb! Your answer is exactly what I needed! I was interviewed at some state MD schools this cycle and had been thinking about the airforce scholarship. Based on your reasoning, I think military is not a good option for me because I want to specialize in orthopedics. 🙂

Mon Cherié

Dosent the military pay your school debt though depending on how long your contract is?

Jim Hightower

Dr. Webb, have you thought about serving in the reserves/air ng since you have 8 years active already?

Kwesi Williams
Great video. I think that it's all on personal preference. I don't think that there's any right or wrong route to take. Military physicians don't get paid as much as civilian doctors, but the training and the leadership experience that you get as a military doctor is by far uncomparable. As a military doctor you learn how to be a leader of men. The things that military Physicians see coming out of medical school, most civilian doctors will probably never see (especially if one gets deployed on a humanitarian mission or combat area). The military physicians that I servered with… Read more »
Tıαnα ιѕ Aωєѕoмє
Tıαnα ιѕ Aωєѕoмє

I’d love to help soldiers in the military because my uncle was once a soldier but they really don’t get paid as much as a civilian doctor and I couldn’t actually move all the way to where they would deploy me. Plus my parents wouldn’t approve of it.

Tony Lin

He only provide the con, but didn’t mention the pro.
Here the pro if you apply for HPSP:
1. They will pay 2300 monthly for 10.5 month and 1.5 month active duty pay
2. Their FAP during residency which you get pay about 85k during residency since other resident get pay only 45k
3. Free textbook, medical, free board exam etc all cover
In my opinion, if you struggles finically during medical school and you got the physical then you should think about joining. It’s not that bad


Hey doctor Webb, I'm Johnny and I'm thinking of joining the CAF (Canadian Armed Forces) after high school.. I also want to become a Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon (Civilian) my current GPA is a 3.6 in high school. How do I attend school and such after high school? What position should I apply for in the army? How long is it usually to serve? And, would medical schools like this?

Brianna Addison

I leave for boot camp in January for the navy and I’m going on as a hospital corpsman my goal is to finish my degree and apply for the military medical school in Maryland fingers crossed