Why North Korea’s Air Power is Complete Junk

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s.r k

감비아급인데 ㅋㅋㅋ

Nicholas Lombardi

Our Air Forces need the particle on live fire drills more valuable than saving our weapon system. Allowing for weapons devilment while killing off those basters at the same time!  WIN – WIN…(HAVE A NICE DAY)

[DS] Dill

They’re the seagulls of the World’s Air Forces

Ced Dxt
.PRESIDENT TRUMP: I am here to prevent the North Korean dictator from threatening lives … so needlessly PEOPLE OF ASIA: You are the one threatening lives needlessly. Do the right thing and sign a peace treaty with North Korea to replace the Korean war armistice. Today the USA and the whole world can have peace if you'd only sign it. PRESIDENT TRUMP: I am calling for worldwide action, every responsible nation, including China and Russia should push for an end to North Korea's nuclear weapons program. By the way, I am thrilled to report that my visit to Japan and… Read more »
Daniel FaJohn

NKs air power will be rubble on runways as soon as the war starts.

Heat Filter

A large or a few large EMP missile(s) from a satellite in space would take care of NK if and when they launch an attack. It would be the easiest win ever. Just fire and swoop in… if there are any chemical weapons on any of the planes flying at the moment, they would kill themselves for being so reckless.

Ivan Chernobyl

It's a junk Air Force. it's been trained and equipped by the old Soviets.which have never been able to maintain air superiority against Western forces.

Eric Smith

Yeah the North Korean Airforce is actually made up of quite advanced stuff you remember those planes that you get you put the you know rubber band on and you twirl their propeller around until it flies they have an entire fleet of those

Dr Bendover

lol that the very first-time iv ever seen a biplane fire missiles lol.


I don't care how fanatical you are when you're only getting a few hours of flying time a year you're fucked.