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Why You Should Want Robots to Steal Your Job | the Epoch Podcast #004

On this episode of the Epoch Podcast, we discuss the future of employment when automation is set to take over almost 50% of current U.S. jobs sooner than most people realize, and why we think that’s ultimately a good thing.

Topics we get into:
• The surprising speed at which automation is taking jobs and how much bigger it is than most people realize
• Why this is potentially different than in the past
• Is “learn to code” really a solution?
• How the “pool” of employment evolves
• How minimum wage increases ultimately hurt employment
• The kind of culture automation promotes and the benefits it offers
• The cost to benefit ratio of increased efficiency with potential loss of human connection
• Are creative jobs safe?
• Why jobs are actually a bad thing
• Why Millenials are the right generation for these changes
• Why Universal Basic Income has merit
• Why big business is necessary for progress to some extent right now
• The downfalls of capitalism and moving toward a future based in collaboration
• How understanding of purpose and identity are evolving
• The potential of traditionally unpaid work becoming more valued
• The needed shifts in education
• Approaching it all as a threat or opportunity, with a mindset of abundance or lack

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Reinventing Organizations
Rise of the Youpreneur
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