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Writing the Perfect UI/UX Case Study!

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The intent of this ui/ux case study video is not to demean or look down upon the work of another designer. It is just to provide valuable and actionable feedback for the benefit of everyone who is watching this video.

In this video, I am going to show you how to write the best and perfect UI/UX Case Study for your app or website design. Rather than showing what you should add to your case study, I am going to show you what mistakes you need to avoid when creating or writing your UI/UX Case Study.

Adding good case studies for your design portfolio makes a lot of difference in applying for colleges or design jobs.
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Beaulah Rao
Beaulah Rao
1 month ago

Thanks for sharing this information. Please do more videos of this kind.

Prakash GD
Prakash GD
1 month ago

Feel like the designer is novice. Nevertheless, you did great job in breaking down. 👍

MoAj Masti
MoAj Masti
1 month ago

You are amazing yar

Shawn Mahbub
Shawn Mahbub
1 month ago

please make a tutorial on how you actually write a UX case study and posted it Medium. It would have been a help

XimerTracks - Sub To Me
XimerTracks - Sub To Me
1 month ago

This Is so nice. Don't stop. also, Let's be youtube Friends? :d

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