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Xi-Queen Elizabeth New CHINA & Xi Jinping-Aquinaldo-New CHINA Bilateral Meet Spot Difference

Spot the Difference:: BETWEEN State Banquet of Xi Jinping and United Kingdom

Spot the Difference:: BETWEEN State Banquet of Aguinaldo and Xi Jinping

Spot the Difference of “NEW CHINA = Philippines including 9-Dash-Lines:

#1 China’s Xi Jinping’s Bible ACCOUNTS from The FISHER of MEN – Kastilang INTSEK pumatay ng Kasaysayang PILIPINO base from the NEW “Maura Law = Belt of the New Silk Road” Where The
Philippines was NOT not Part of the Ancient OLD EDEN but According from the Bible of Spanish-Chinese Archive, The New World Order will be Philippines will become NEW China Where 22 Generations of Qing Dynasty’s Ke Yi Nan Ancestors are the true Saints & founding Father of NEW China’s Pearl of the Sea Orient (Philippines) at the Region of the Sun, Where God of Rizal does not came from the Heaven above that descent to the Tribes of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob (Isaiah 43:10-15/Isaiah 9:6=Luke 3:38-23/Gen 5:1-32=Gen 10:5=Mi Ultimo Adios Paragraphs 1,2,4,5,13 & 14) but from the NEW ALTAR of DECEPTION of the Catholic Communist Fujian Saints being preached by Chinese Prophetic MEDIA Broadcasting Network of the PHILIPPINE’s Fujian Witchcraft Historians but actually they are Originated from the South East of Coast of the FISH POND of “Shang Gou Cun” Village Fujian Trinity (Triad 666 Illusionist of China).

The Exodus of Aguinaldo’s Fujian SERIAL KILLERS & Witchcraft Historians Exposed by RIZAL.

Mi Ultimo Adios is “Immigration Security Code Protocol” Formulated by Dr. J.P. Rizal’s Wisdom that prevent Foreign Murderers of STEALING Our Human IDENTITY & Patrimony to our Land & Seas. Stealing Human Soul’s PROPERTIES is not Heroism but Giving Life to Protect MANKIND!

The Hidden Wisdom of Paragraph 1 L2 & Paragraph 13 L2-5 of Rizal Last Farewell are interlocking SECRET CODES declaring EVIL & GOOD cannot Co-exist at the Same EDEN of God. In Paragraph 14 L-4 RIZAL Explained that ONLY ONE TRUSTED FOREIGNER is His Joy & His Friend but NOT FUJIAN CRIMINAL under MAURA LAW Land Reform “EJK” Triad of Emilio Aguinaldo who murdered Dr. Jose Rizal & Andres Bonifacio!

According to Hidden Code Dr. Rizal’s Wisdom. The True Eden of Rizal means; God formed Man’s image Not from TERRORISTS Blood but from God’s Breath of LIFE & Dust of Adam’s Land & therefore Before SANGLEY arrived, The First Root Ancestors of Pilipino existed from Adam’s Ancestry. Gen 2:1-8/Gen 1:26-28=Luke 3:38-23 &Gen 10:5-25.

Paragraphs 1,5, and 13 Condemn!! Prohibits All the Foreign Murderers, Oppressors, Enslavement of Humanity who murdered PHILIPINOS for almost 500 years since Spanish and Chinese Arrived in the PHILIPPINES between 1521,1594 to present!! Paragraph 2 of the Last farewell Pilipinos are ASKING for our HOME and COUNTRY’s FREEDOM from Fujian Serial Killer Triad of Emilio Aguinaldo.

Sinong mga PILIPINONG “Presidente” ang NAMATAY ng “Dahil SAYO minamahal kong Bansa?” Hindi ba ang Unang Pinatay ng INTSEK na si Emilo Aguinaldo ay ang kapwa Magkababatang sila Dr. Jose Rizal at Andres Bonifacio kasama ang pag Massacre sa mga Katipunero na ang isinuko ay BUHAY nila para sa Pagmamahal-sa Bansang Pilipino? Pero gumawa ng Flag Si Emilio Aguinaldo at ang mga Kastila Upang maipag-patuloy lamang ang Krimeng Extra Judicial Killings Under today’s Maura Law in the NAME of ONE CHINA Policy Belt of the Silk Road?

Si Benigno Aquino nga & Ferdinand Marcos Kapwa sabi Nila “WHAT THE PILIPINO are Worth Dying For?” pero TAHIMIK sa Communist Party of the Philippines na nag ii-enjoy sa Pag-inom ng Dugo ng mga Pilipino at pag-gamit ng Dugo ni Dr. Jose Rizal for 50 years under 70th Years of People’s Liberation Army Celebration!!! Ngunit lahat ng mga Philippine Presidents ay NAMATAY na HINDI para sa Pilipino datapwa’t binalot lamang ng “FLAG ni Emilio Aguinaldo” na “Ipinila pa sa Monument ni Dr. Jose Rizal”!! Matapos sabihing Sir Rizal ay isang Apo ng Insek na Ipinakipag-Laban dito sa ating Bansa ay ang Kanyang Pinaslang na dugo dito sa Bansang Pilipinas na ayon kay Xi Jinping: Si Rizal ay PINATAY ng Diyos ni Rizal sa bansang PILIPINAS sa Piling ng Pilipino!!.

Xi Jinping even satated that The Founding Father of the Philippine’s 7,641 Islands, Valleys, Space, Sky, Atmosphere, Moon, Region of the Sun, Sea of the Orient of the Philippines including the Fragments of our Soul were All FUJIAN CHINESE Dynasty of CHINA from Jinjiang Village of Shang Gou Cun, Fujian Province, The Reason why Peoples Liberation Army General Ye Fei are Killing Pilipinos because of the Founding of New China. Sa Mga Buhay at hindi natutulong na mga Kaluluwang Pilipino ilabas na po natin ang katotohanan na Ang tunay na Diyos ni Dr. Jose Rizal ay Hindi MAMATAY Tao ng INTSEK dito sa Pilipinas! = China Mother of Deception!

Dr. Jose Rizal’s Extra Judicial Killing by China-Spain MAURA LAW Land Reform executed by Emilio Aguinaldo’s Historical Terrorism

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